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Scorpio- "Your Love Story Is Something You Would See In The Movies” August 2020 Love Tarot Reading

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Welcome to my channel!

This is a tarot love reading for SCORPIO( sun, moon, rising and Venus) for AUGUST 2020. I will go over the Past, Present and Future energies for all the zodiac signs. I hope you all and enjoy!

Feel free to subscribe, like and comment! I love reading your comments and appreciate every single one of you! You all have kind hearts and I am blessed to have the opportunity to read for you all!

Birth Chart:

If your interested in learning more about tarot cards, this book is really awesome!

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot:

Tarot decks used:
Mermaid Tarot:
The Chakra Wisdom Tarot:
Secrets of Tarot by Hinkler Books:

You all are welcome to donate if you would like to :) I appreciate every single one of you!



***All readings are for entertainment purposes only. The readings are meant to help inspire, motivate and guide you into the right direction in your love life but may not be 100 percent accurate. I hope I can help in any way possible but I recommend using good judgement and not making any drastic changes to your life based off a reading. Also, these readings are NOT meant to replace medical treatments or current to be safe and stay positive :)

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