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Second Stimulus Check Update! HAZARD PAY APPROVED + Dates + $600 Unemployment Insurance Benefits

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Second Stimulus Check Update - Senate Approved HAZARD PAY In the final hours of a special session focused on the pandemic virus response, a unanimous House vote in Louisiana was reached that just gave final passage to a bill using federal virus aid to provide a $250 one-time “hazard pay” checks to thousands of front-line employees who stayed on their jobs in the early days of the outbreak. According to the proposal, people who worked at grocery stores, drove buses, manned health care facilities, and performed other essential activities for at least 200 hours from March 22 through May 14 would be eligible. The payment would be available to workers with an AGI or adjusted gross income on their 2019 tax return of $50,000 or less. At this point, the bill just needs Governor John Bel Edward's final approval. Under the bill, thousands of workers would be eligible for the $50 million in payments made possible through federal virus aid funds. The money would be provided to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis to as many as 200,000 people who apply and meet the criteria. The treasurer will then make payments within ten days of receiving the list of approved applicants, however, the total amount of rebates issued cannot exceed fifty million dollars. While this is for Louisiana residents, this is great sign as it is expected that more states will follow suit and begin offering hazard pay.

The hazard pay is for Louisiana residents. It's expected that their governor will sign off on it for final approval, but that must happen first. More details about the application process, which will be from July 15-Oct. 31, are expected to be announced at a later date. The Louisiana Department of Revenue says it's working on the application which will be accepted online and in paper form.

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