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s&j all women love CHANEL... just ask your girlfriend/wife hahaha

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As requested by by our Youtube family!
Here we have #SarahsCollection of
We'll have to do it in a few vlogs 'cos it'll be an hour long vlog to include every single handbag hahaha

Starting off with the early
Sounds like a history lesson????????????
... but there is a story behind each bag
which makes every single one all the more meaningful.

Chanel is a brilliant choice as a gift
Maybe this vlog should be called #HappyWifeHappyLife
or even #HappyGirlfriendHappyLife ????????????
Jason: I do like buying presents for loved ones so spending time choosing a little something has never been particularly challenging.
But it is important with spend within your I don't recall ever maxing out the credit card for a birthday present.
It's what we say in the vlog, choose carefully the gift,
and you'll treasure it for a long long time!

Everyone stay safe and healthy❤️

#冧女朋友 #冧老婆
#HappyWifeHappyLife #HappyGirlfriendHappyLife
#Chanel #Handbags #包包 #手袋
#Balenciaga #Celine #Hermes
#BottegaVeneta #Loewe
#唔好亂洗錢 #理財 #斷捨離

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