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[SOUND DESIGN]: Hazbin Hotel: "Family Drama" Comic Dub

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A complete dub of "Family Drama" by K N A R M E (), featuring full sound design for all scenes.

The aim with this one was to imply this is something that happened before the pilot episode, maybe one of the reasons why Charlie believes herself to be a 'failure'. Lucifer's definitely one of the most intriguing characters to me given his potential to influence events in the show, so it was a fun project.

Because he and Lilith could be considered beyond what some could consider normal demons, I wanted to give their voices that sort of ethereal treatment while maintaining accents that matched their position of royalty. Plus, he's fun to voice. He'll make some more appearances down the line.

Hazbin Hotel and all its characters belong to Vivziepop and Spindle Horse Toons.

Lucifer: Myself (PARANOiD DJ)
Charlie, Lilith: dragonscale8374

Comic originally created by K N A R M E:

Music Used:
Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude [Herz Und Mund
Und Tat Und Leben BWV. 147] - Shiro Sagisu, M. Hess, Jan Panenka
Jeanne B (EV27-3) - GEM Impact (BAYONETTA)

Made in FL Studio 20, with additional production and editing on voices, sound effects.

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