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Добавлено от Admin В Смотреть зарубежные сериалы
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Tingin niyo guys? Post ko ba?

Oh relax, inintidihin muna bago comment ha! Congrats EZ! But it's still my year!! Haha!!

Hoy ako'y pinoy! Mukha lang ding tisoy
I'm also a rapper who can box with a beat or a beatbox, asan si Picoy?

Obviously wala, so acapella lang badtrip
Pwede na to. 'di rin naman sulit pag pinagawan ko ng beat
Wala rin namang makikinig kasi 'di pagiging makabayan ang aking topic
Lalo na ngayong napakaraming pakshit
Na nagsasabing walang kwenta raw pinoy rap since
namatay ang one and only King Francis M.
Deym. that's it?
Ya'll gonna keep acting as if
These other emcees didn't drop classics
And FlipTop didn't make your tops Flip?
Nah bitch,
Don't use the excuse that you don't listen to raps with explicit language
Wait-- oh yeah, of course you haven't heard everything from that kid.
'cause its just like you said, you don't listen to rap! *Wink*
And you have the audacity to uh, spam tweets
Shipping him as the new flagship just because he raised our flag? jeez, that quick?
Bet ya a hunnid g's you haven't heard those nationalistic rap by small local indie acts since
they don’t fit your half Filipino artist in other countries pinoy pride kinks!
God Twitter fingers be lyin, gunning for makabayan rap shits
Pero di naman kinalabit man lang Gatilyo ni BLKD

But you triggered mine
And my patience is wearing thin
Maybe that is why
Mosquitoes get under my skin
My temper's really high
Cause I can't get my second wind
Then on 2020 Freestyle
Some bitch compared me to him?

I mean, hats off kid got skills!
no cap, you know I keep it real
10M in 3 days huge freaking deal
My own tracks can't even reach a mill

But like I said, this year's gonna be mine still
And if I really have to kill emcees I will
Though I'm not sure if he's built for that shit man, chill
You know I'm hungry, I won't say no to an easy meal

Now that's up in the air, catch my drift?
Skkrrt skrrt! Will the bus grant my wish?
They told me it's possible if I adjust my lyrics
I wanna rap it as it is
Cause it is ass if it goes through censorship
People ain't gonna make sense of shit
Does that make sense? If, I may be blunt I would say this
People nowadays are just sensitive

They dont wanna touch a touchy subject gusto positibo
O kaya yung nakaka touch kasi dun kiliti niyo
Kailangan makabayan at proud Filipino?
Kailan naging requirement maging ala kuya Kiko?

Bat ihahambing e tayo'y magkakaiba
Ang daming magaling sa kanan at sa kaliwa
At may mangilan din, diyan sa kabila
nais ko iparating kung hindi pa halata :

Subukan mo munang makinig bago ka magsalita.

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