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Stimulus Check Update 8-4-20: 100% Paycheck Unemployment Benefits? Will Stimulus Pass End Of Week?

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Here’s your daily stimulus check, your second stimulus check and stimulus package update for Tuesday, August 4th, 2020.

Over the course of the past 8 days, the Fearsome Foursome of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Steven Mnuchin and Mark Meadows have met 6 times for a combined 10 hours.

While they have not fully agreed upon a complete, Phase 4 stimulus package, yesterday’s meeting was reportedly very “productive.”

After agreeing on a number of topics over the past week, Schumer stated: “We are really getting an understanding of each side’s position. And we’re making some progress on certain issues moving closer together.”

Schumer explained that yesterday the Democrats and White House officials discussed school funding, stating: “By going to these specific numbers and what each side thinks they can do with their dollar allocation, it really helps us understand that and move together in a better direction. That's what we spent time doing."

With their 7th meeting set for later today, hopefully they can get on the same page and get us another stimulus package before they meet for the 100th time.

Meanwhile, Democrats have offered a timetable for when we can expect to see another stimulus package approved and ready to hit our bank accounts.

Nancy Pelosi recently offered her thoughts on the timeline for a Phase 4 disaster relief bill, stating: "It is my hope we could do it this but probably not until next week."

Next week?! But you are on vacation next week!

Unless you are willing to work through your trip to Hawaii, you should probably put in the hours this week to get a bill completed by Friday.

I know you want your Gucci Stimulus Nancy, but the stingy Republicans aren’t going to allow it.

Can you please settle for a Macy’s stimulus that even the Senate can get behind?

Finally, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham recently announced plans to propose an extension to the enhanced unemployment benefits that aims to fill the void between both sides of the aisle.

Offering a proposal to provide struggling, unemployed Americans with 100% of a worker’s previous wages, Graham hopes that this solution will be sufficient for both Republicans and Democrats alike.

Stating his opinion that the weekly $600 payments provided more money to stay at home, Graham explained: “All I’m saying is, I want to replace your wages but not give you a pay raise. I think that you can come up with technology to reimburse people up to 100% and not more.”

The proposal would give states one month to implement the system to provide 100% of a worker’s salary, which was explained in a press conference yesterday.

That sounds like a pretty decent compromise to me! Make exactly how much you were bringing in before that thing out there, as well as another stimulus check!

Do you support the 100% salary unemployment benefits? Let me know in the comments below!


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