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Stronger Animation Meme ( After Effects ) Gacha Life / OC Backstory

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Featured: Gacha Kura

She helped me render it XD tysm u rly help alot

Editing Time: 5 days ( 4 hours each day ) 20 hours
Render Time: 10 minutes ( Kura rendered it bcz my pc is old )

Backstory: Basically the summary of this story was "D" was cursed

So in the first scene "D" was looking for his family but ended founding a letter. It was a threat for "D" because the Sullivan Family ( D's Family ) was a family who makes healing vial or healing potions ( This happend at the Middle Age Era ) as they keep helping their fellow villagers, People are starting to doubt them as witches. as they gathered all of the details they know from the family they accuse them as witches.

Villager: Everyone! The Sullivan Family is manipulating us. Once we put all our trust in them they will make a potion to control our mind and they will rule the world!

The others started to doubt and hate them now and they all agreed to "Burn them" before its too late. They went to the House of the Sulllivan Family and Kidnap them. as they were being tied up in front of everyone. D(13 yrs. old ) came back from his work and notice the letter. He read it and he knows what was happening
He rushed to the Town stage. He keep looking for them and once he saw them it was too late. His mother was burned to ashes as he watch in despair he saw his brother and father. Everything was pressuring D as the time being. Gathering all the negative aura and that caught the demons attention

Demon: I've never seen someone so despair and mad
I finally found the right soul.

With that being said D agreed to use the Demon's power to get revenge. He destroyed the whole village. But that didn't end there
D still felt Angry at the whole world so the demon manipulated his mind and told him that his mission was to kill everyone to remove all the despair and anger from himself. D has no control of himself anymore that's when he realize he was cursed. He became Immortal and seek murder. ( PLEASE READ WHAT THE NEWS PAPER SAYS ) His killing spree was endless and now in the new era he was told to kill the one's who will stop him from his spree. as the Kill Count keeps increasing once it hits 1,000,000 deaths he will have enough energy to use himself as a Bomb to destroy the human kind or enough to destroy the whole world.
His only mission is to kill the last target which is cosmo. But that didn't end well. He was paralyzed and once he woke up he was chained and lock in the jail.

BOOM hah! i wrote a whole damn script lolol

tbh i think the whole backstory didn't really makes sense and i'm sorry for that gasdgkls i have a lot in my mind that i couldn't explain through animation or scripts

You we're shocked that was a backstory on a Color Preset story aye? hahahahaha

My favorite lines that i didn't end up putting in the video

D: If having justice and revenge is a villain then i'll be the villain.

D: They mistreated all of us because we're different. Then let's treat them the way they treated us but worse because they're different from us.

This story was inspired by Hooky on webtoon i really love the story

I was a little disappointed at the chorus because it so anticlimactic? XD

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