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Tae Eul & Lee Gon II My Queen • [Special 35k]

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The channel reached the 35k mark last week, and I already had plans to make a special video, but I preferred to leave it for this week to not give so much video spam to my subscribers. But I would never imagine that we are already reaching the 36k mark, OMG that was very fast Hahahaha It's insane.
So I am here humbly thanking you who follow my work. I love the art of editing and I have learned a lot in the last few months, mainly from my favorite editors.
I chose to bring an edition of TKEM because I have received a lot of affection from everyone who watches my videos (I read all the messages, but forgive me, it is not always that I can respond to everyone, I will try to do my best).
I think that sometimes I underestimate myself, because I really think I'm making edits below the quality of my friends video editors, but I'm getting so many compliments and kind words, and reaching viewing marks so insane that I thought ... "Wow, It's okay to have limitations, the simple can also be appreciated. Anyway, I'm doing well ".
Thank you with all my heart for every sincere and kind word, I'm motivated to continue doing my best.

This video was inspired by the Bpwinces edition with the couple from "Romance is a bonus book". Some time ago I was looking for reasons to watch this drama, and her video convinced me to watch and fall in love with Lee Jong Suk.
Thank you Mazzy, you are perfect ????.

I hope you enjoy and have fun!
Love Jess ♥️

Please watch in HD / Por favor assistam em HD

Spoilers EP. 1-12

Series:The King Eternal Monarch
Song: Have I Told You - Matthew Mole
Coloring: Kindon18

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