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My name is Jewel, I'm a Tarot card reader and I have had this special gift of hearing messages from Shaman Masters and Spirit Guides since the age of 5. One of my earliest Spirit Guided memories as a young child was telling my sister she would marry a Police Officer and have 2 children, both a boy and a that is exactly what happened! My gift has continued to unfold in this way my whole life, and it is my soul purpose to share it with the world. ????

I give global readings to help guide other souls with messages of love, as we are all connected spiritually within the universe, and we lift each other with a collective of positive energy. This is my passion, and it is my mission to help people live their lives in the best way possible. With unity we will all live in love, and not give in to fear. ✌

My Astrological signs are as follows:

Sun Aquarius
Moon Sagittarius
Rising Aquarius
Venus Capricorn
Mercury Aquarius
Saturn Aquarius
To schedule a reading, book your appointment at

When you schedule one of my standard readings it takes 48 hours to receive. I also offer an urgent package that takes less than 48 hrs, you will see that option in the booking area, these readings are received within 24 hours. All readings are sent to you via email with a special private link to your personalized video. Blessings to you all! ????

Because you love my readings and want to support the channel to help me spread messages of love, please visit my shop to get your customized Shaman Seer Tarot merchandise at ????

Donate to help with the creation of more content at:

or become a Patreon at

For viewers and subscribers who would like to write me personally, or gift tarot cards, please send to the following address.
Shaman Seer Tarot
PO box 75037 Millcroft
Burlington Ontario
L7L 6M0

I am not a licensed physician. Anything expressed in this video or otherwise, is my personal opinion and should be viewed as entertainment purposes only.

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