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The Living Tombstone - Love I Need

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I can't believe as of this month it's been 9 years of music on youtube. Whoa. ❤️

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Artwork - SovanJedi
Animation - Coda
Music Production and Mixing - Yoav Landau
Lyrics and Vocals - Sam Haft & Yoav Landau
Mastering - Leon Zervos -

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I don’t get the love I need anymore
I don’t get the love I need anymore
I’m feelin sick of independence

I don’t get the love I need anymore
I don't get the love I walked out the door
Ohhh won’t let you carry out my sentence

Well the writing was clear it appeared on the wall
We were broken and scared unprepared for the fall, it’s true
I couldn’t keep waiting on you

And I know that you hurt and I know that you tried
But I’ll go it alone if I can’t satisfy your view
Why live a life I wasn’t meant to

But they told me daaa-aaaa-aance
Keep playin the game
Press start continue loo-ook
within you, without you

begin to advaaaa-aaaa-aaance
as far as you can,
til you lose your winnings
find new beginnings
Na na na na na na

I don’t get the love I need anymore
I’m cast out to sea I can’t find the shore
Don’t really know what I was thinking

I don’t get the love I need anymore
I’m not even sure what I’m searching for
I he-ee-ear a melody and I start singing

I am lost in a dream I can’t open my eyes
Never told how to live after I say goodbye to you
They tell me find another darling

How can I find a love when I can’t find myself
Well they set me adrift made me think when I jumped I flew
But this just feels like I am falling

And they told me daaa-aaa-aaance
Follow the rules
The next objective
Feel defective, select

A brand new circumstaaa-aaaa-aaance
Make lovers of fools
Go through the motions
To feel connected
Without them you’re broken

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