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The most clutch Queen Slime victory ever! | Terraria 1.4 ep11

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Episode 11: Khaios, BlueJay T Gaming, CheesyPaninie, TheLastCreator and I, FuryForged, team up for a Terraria Journey's End series unlike any done before. We got gameplay, we got bosses, we got epic builds, we got trolling and PVP. . . and we got GOLF!

We'll each be claiming a different biome in order to build our own individual pylon bases and we'll be collaborating on builds in various other places around the large, Crimson, Journey Mode world - especially a large and unique main world spawnpoint. Bosses must be done in Master Mode. We can only duplicate building materials - no weapons, accessories, tools, life crystals, mana crystals or equipment of any kind (so, no, we're not allowed to duplicate that eventual Zenith.)
Let's go!

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