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The Music Freaks Ep.2 | Trust Issues | Gacha Life Musical Series

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Jake has officially joined the Music Club! But a conflict is already rising… Zander cannot forgive Jake for his past actions and refuses to rehearse with him. Will Jake be able to show Zander that he’s taking the competition seriously? And what will his Jake’s friends think of him becoming a music freak?

I hope you enjoy this episode! I’m honestly so blown away by the amount of love and support I received from my first episode ;-; You guys are more than amazing, thank you ???? I hope that I can keep meeting your expectations and higher with each of these episodes! I just wish I could get these out faster for you guys, but I hope it was worth the wait.

Second channel:

Voice Actors:
Jake – The Peach God
Hailey – VeeahVA

Zander - Robert Cossyleon

Luke - Mark Lee
Twitter/Instagram: @Mark_is_Lee

Millicent (Milly) - Charlie Rowen

Sean – DataDave

Daisy – Harudori

Drew – DoshVo
Instagram: @doshvoice

Henry - Adam New
Liam - Alain D'Regel

Miss Jones – YerkaGirl

Zoey - RoniX

Lia - Bearpuff4

Sadie - Luu/Luumturii

Special appearences in this episode:
JungkooA as Random Student (ginger)

NotZoey as herself

Music Used:
Backrub by Mikos Da Gawd
Puffs by Text Me Records / Social Work
Track: Dominick Soth - Chasing (feat. Max Landry) [Skylike Remix]
Standing Here by Silent Partner
Skip Rox by Spazz Cardigan
Witness by Mikos Da Gawd
Sam Stoopid by Mikos Da Gawd
Distance by Anno Domini Beats
Track: Lundh & Jon Becker - Tonight

School hallway, Cafeteria, Music room and School front are all drawn by me. Other backgrounds in this episode were taken from here:

Programs Used:
Gacha Life
Sony Vegas Pro 17
Clip Studio Paint

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