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The renewed dream in the new year|village kitchen srilanka

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The renewed dream in the new !!

First of all, before I tell the story, there are two special people to thank. Those are Sister Poorna and her brother. They both encouraged me in everyway without even you don't like the Merits being passed I would say I love you both very ❤

Now let's tell the story, the work in our little kitchen started a few months ago to my heart's content.
Finished everything with great efforts little by little. Dad did almost everything, Big Brother helped a lot as well. Our Dad is someone who knows everything, Only thing he can't is climbing trees as far as I know, Dad had my little boy and little girl to, help with everything, although my son is dark, he calls him my "clearskin son"....as pet name.

It didn't cost much for us to buildup the new kitchen. All around the wall is made with unwanted wooden pieces thrown in the mill.
Our mother also helped a lot. I have been cleaning and tyding up the garden all these days. Because of the "dambala" (kind of vegetable) there was no space to grow other vegetables. My hubby almost daily helped in the garden. Now we have a nice new garden.
The work that had been done for about four months I have briefly brought to

Let's meet again in the new year with something

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