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The Smile Room In Roblox...

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Stay till the very end for a surprise! Also this game has jump scares.

Play the game here:

The Smile Room:
So the smile room is a strange room with giant teeth
as the door, and those who enter will be considered
as being lost. The smile room is actually a creature that somehow
can mimic some escape room so that it can trap people
inside of it. It is said that the smile room can apparently relocate
to other popular areas. Once you're in the smile room, you can't get back out,
and you'll probably be digested by the smile The smile room became a thing on 27th of July in 2006, where
a small group of teenagers broke into a place called
"Neb's fun world" in Canada. Those teenagers ended up going missing, now we can experience the smile in Roblox.

*Note: The story of the game isn't real, it's based from a story a Canadian artist made.

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