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Instagram: @lindsiann_ ()
Depop: @lindsiclothes

Tik Tok (LOL)- @lindsiann

hello friends!!
Omg the video is finally here!! I have been so excited about this video for the past four weeks and now I can finally show you all my new room :)) I do a extreme cleanout of my study room and turn it into a very chic and aesthetic office. It gives me cottagecore meet European architect vibes. I really hope you guys enjoy this video because I spent a lot of work on it ????
Sending virtual hugs
Xx Lindsiann

Time Stamps
Chapter 1: The Bookshelf 1:42
Chapter 2: One Big Ass Mirror 4:25
Chapter 3: The Paint Wall 6:33
Chapter 4: The Clothing Rack 8:42
Chapter 5: Mirrors, Lamps, and Rugs Oh My! 12:26
Chapter 6: Decor 13:41
Chapter 7: The Fraud 18:46
Chapter 8: The Finishing Touches 19:18
Chapter 9: Room Tour 20:07

Music by Clueless Kit - Passenger Seat (feat. køra) -
Music by Pick Patek - Sticky Fingers -
Music by The Colonies - More Than Fine -
Music by Jennifer Chung - Better Today Than Yesterday -
Music by Carter Vail - Tigers on Trains -
Music by Chief Takinawa - Baeo -
Music by NePh - When She Calls -
Music by Leeyah - Are U Up -
Aunt Tagonist - Silent Film Dark by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ()
Music by HOAX - Moon Moon Baby -

Round Mirror-
LED Closet Lights-
The huge fake plant-
Floor Lamp-
White Rug-
Block Posters-
Ikea Mirrors-
Ikea Picture frames-

Name: Lindsiann
Age: 17
Height: 5'6
Ethnicity: Chinese
Camera: Canon G7X Mark 2
Editing: Final cut Pro

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