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Try These Things To Change The Look Of Your Room - Room Makeover Tour

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Are you looking for decorating ideas for your room? Well, this is a video you want to watch! Today, I’m sharing how I transformed my dull room into something amazing.

Project Supplies:

Since I do DIY projects a lot, I do not factor in the cost of tools since I already have them.
Be sure to visit my Amazon Supply Store - to purchase your project supplies.

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I'll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you which really helps support my channel!

Project Supplies - Be sure to visit my Amazon Supply Store - to purchase your project supplies:

Links To Items I Purchased In Room:

Swivel chair -
Bar Cart -
Rug -
Drink Table -
Chaise - Not available anymore
Pillows -

DIYs in Video:
Painting -
Line Wall Art -
Grid Board & Batten Wall -
Chunky Blanket -

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If you are into home decor and would like to have a place to showcase your work, DIY projects, ask questions about decorating, give advice or share what decor you have or want to purchase, join the Facebook groups,

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➤ Music: Production Music courtesy of and
➤ Video Editing Software Used: Final Cut Pro X
➤ Camera Used To Shoot: Canon T5i

➤ All opinions are my own.

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