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Unemployment Update 11-24-20: $176 Million Helping 246,000 Americans! PUA Unemployment Benefits

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Unemployment extension, PUA, UI, unemployment benefits, Unemployment update for Tuesday, November 24th, 2020. Oregon unemployment $176 million helping 246,000 Americans.

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With shut downs impacting cities across America, millions of Americans may be forced to claim unemployment benefits once again.

But with such outdated and complicated systems, some people could be waiting weeks for their applications to be approved for another round of weekly unemployment funds.

Fortunately, your benefits should pick up right where they left off, with the weeks that you worked not impacting your unemployment claim.

Michele Evermore, a senior policy analyst at the National Employment Law Project, explains: “Wherever you stop in the program, that’s where you restart until [benefits] expire.”

She also explains that everyone should be familiar with their claim’s “benefit year,” which is a 52-week period from the day your claim began.

So if your claim began on April 5th, 2020, your “benefit year” will end on April 5th, 2021, regardless of the calendar year.

Hopefully this information is helpful if you are in the unfortunate situation of not working and collecting unemployment benefits once again.

Meanwhile, Governor Pritzker, from the great state of Illinois, recently made his plea to Congress to pass additional stimulus, especially extended enhanced unemployment benefits.

He explained: “It’s no secret that the nation’s current fiscal crisis is much worse than the Great Recession and more severe than anything that we’ve seen in decades.”

He continued: “People are hurting and people need help, and things are getting worse since Republicans in the Senate decided to postpone a stimulus package that would help restaurants and other small businesses, cities and states, and the unemployed.”

Pritzker also stated: “I can’t overstate the implications of this. Without (action from) Congress, there will be no way to provide benefits to the hundreds of thousands of Illinoisans impacted by these programs that have become an essential lifeline. … This has become incredibly dire.”

I couldn’t agree more, and with the upcoming cash cliff looming just after Christmas, Congress needs to act quickly to extend the much needed enhanced unemployment benefits for millions of struggling Americans.

Finally, the great state of Oregon will soon be disbursing nearly $176 million in additional unemployment benefits to almost a quarter million citizens.

These so called “waiting week” funds, which is the week when claimants are waiting for their applications to be approved, will be paid out to nearly 246,000 citizens in the Beaver State.

David Gerstenfeld, acting director of the Oregon Employment Department, explained: “We are very pleased to announce that many Oregonians will now start seeing the waiting week benefits they have been waiting for.”

If you still haven’t applied for unemployment assistance, you should act quickly before it’s too late.

Simply visit your state’s PUA or UI website, show them your employment history, and let them know that you’re currently out of work due to that thing out there.

By answering the questions honestly, you could be eligible to receive a backdated unemployment check for $10,000.

To all of the gig-workers, self employed, independent contractors, 1099 workers, even side hustlers,volunteers and freelancers, the PUA was made for you in the CARES Act, and provides unemployment benefits for people like you.

But you better hurry, as these incredible government unemployment benefits expire on December 31st.



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