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Unlock 5 guidelines,Corona virus updates.

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Ministry of Home Affairs, MHA has released the Unlock Guidelines. Under the revised guidelines, reopening of schools and colleges in India is allowed from October 15 in a graded manner. The decision to reopen schools and colleges has to be taken in consultation with the school’s/ institution’s management after assessing the situation. Attendance is not mandatory in schools.

As for colleges, the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education has been given permission to take the decision on the reopening of colleges/ Higher Educational Institutions or HEIs. The decision for colleges also has to be taken after assessing the ground situation. For both schools and colleges, online learning would continue to be the preferred mode of teaching and to be encouraged. Check complete guidelines for reopening of school and colleges restrictions on gatherings of people for social, academic, sports, entertainment, cultural, religious and political functions have been relaxed further. For outdoor spaces, the guidelines put no numerical cap.

In closed spaces though, there is a ceiling of 200 people, or half the capacity of the venue.

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