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Get yer requests in early! Drop em in superchat, I'll make sure I pull your records in time for the show

Please be respectful of others, by contributing positively towards the vibe
- Don't like something? Cool! Keep it to yourself, respect other people's need to get
away from the negative. You're allowed to dislike anything you want. If you feel the
need to express it, do it elsewhere. Common courtesy towards others.
- No politics/religion/hot topics/nerd fights. The world's fucked up as it is. This
space is mean to be an escape from the suck. Respect that.
- You are 100% FREE TO LEAVE if these basic, common sense rules of conduct seem
too Draconian to you. No one is taking away your free will. Door swings
both ways; leave whenever it suits you.
Common respect towards others isn't an old fashioned ideal.
Safe Spaces Matter

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