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V's Date With Fans, BTS' Tour Venue Closed Down

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BTS’s tour venue in California was closed down

After a BigHit official revealed that BTS’s tour in the US might be rescheduled
it was announced that the venue where BTS was supposed to hold the concerts in California was closed down
Fans are now wondering if the entire ‘Map Of The Soul’ tour will be canceled

V gave advice to an army

A fan posted on Weverse asking V for advice regarding her diet:
“Oppa, I have a request!! Please tell me something that’ll help motivate me on my diet!”
I bet she didn’t expect to receive an answer
But V replied saying: “Yeah I think it’s okay for you to gain weight~”
For V the most important thing is to love yourself

V planned a date with fans

In case you don’t already know this, V composed and produced the track for the drama series ‘Itaewon Class’
And he wants to celebrate this with army
A fan posted on Weverse: “What if I can’t focus while watching Itaewon Class when your OST plays? What am I going to do?”
So V responded suggesting a date with armies on Weverse to talk about his new song

In the past, V confessed that he’s a big fan of the webtoon and drama and that he’s happy to participate in this project
“I’m very thankful that I was able to participate as a singer-songwriter for this amazing drama. I hope many people enjoy it.” V revealed
As always: be nice, be like BTS

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