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waking up at 4:30am for a date... with myself. ????

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i poured my heart and soul into this video. it's pretty raw. i'm kinda terrified to post it, ngl. but i hope it brings you the sense of peace it gave me. go ask yourself on a date x

let this be your self love hype up. whether you're single, dating, in a relationship, post-breakup or happily married, your happiness is yours, reliant on no one but you. I hope this empowers you to spend meaningful time alone because, after all, being alone does not mean being lonely.

how to wake up at 4:30am for an ADVENTURE !

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???? MORE ????
Casual Magic of the Day: i spent at least 8 hours editing this and having it here as a memory of that morning is pretty damn special.
Currently reading: I read snippets of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself every now and then!
Song I'm enjoying: Stella Brown by Jelani Aryeh
What are YOU grateful for today?

How old are you? ~ 20 (woah, what!! i feel old, sigh)
Where are you from? ~ The UK! Near London.
Where do you go to university? ~ Minerva Schools at KGI. I just spent my first year in San Francisco!
Did you take a gap year? ~ Yes! From 2018-2019, I interrailed Europe, worked in London, backpacked Australia, did a French language immersion in France and spent 3 months in Uganda.

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if no one has told you today, you are enough. ????

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