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After playing the hell out of Warzone recently, we felt it was time to return with a Warzone in Real Life video! V2 is back!!!

Thank you all to those who stuck around the channel to see our year and a half late content haha!

This film had a lot of pre production planning involved for costuming, weapons, and game play. Making the video feel like the game really took a lot of digging around no commentary gameplays to find clean samples of audio.

We used live pyrotechnics, blank firearms, and a fair amount of original military gear! We hope you enjoy and you leave a like, comment, and subscribe!

Props created by: Ian Curtis, Jerald Shaw, Collin Smith, Randy Wong, Evan Cray, Tim Murphy.

Graphics in video: Collin Smith, Ian Curtis, Malik Flores

Logo Intro YT channel:

End Credit Song Composer:

Tech Equipment used:

Cameras: (2) Canon 5D with Canon EF 24-70mm II USM Lens
Mics: Rode NTG-3 with MixPre-6 field recorder, Rode VideoMic Pro
Special Effects: Adobe After Effects CC
Editing: Final Cut Pro X
Audio Editing: Adobe Audition CC
SFX Layering: Final Cut Pro X

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