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When Life Wrecks Your Plans | Steven Furtick

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When life wrecks your plans, God’s plans are still on schedule.

In this message, Pastor Steven Furtick shows us that even when we feel behind or held back or like we’re not where we wanted to be, God’s blessings are never late.

To watch the full message, Unschedulable Blessings, click here:

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Section Titles:
0:00 - Don’t Believe The Lie That It’s Too Late
3:16 - It’s Not A Bad Time For A Blessing
5:39 - I Didn’t See That Coming
6:55 - For Those With An Urgent Need
9:00 - When Life Wrecks Your Plans (Mark 5, verse 35)
12:03 - Even The Storm Has An Appointment
13:20 - God Wants To Reschedule
15:08 - He Will Restore Your Joy

When Life Wrecks Your Plans | Steven Furtick

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