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Zaara's Room Tour | ZaAr Talks | PART 2 | Stay Home Stay Safe #WithMe | Wow Life

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Hello Folks!!

Here is the most awaited Nippon Paint presents ZaAr Talk Series that brings to you Little Zaara’s room tour.

As Zaara walked around her room, she realised that as much as we sanitise ourselves and everything around us - including our floors, door knobs and even our remotes… we miss sanitising something really important - Our walls!

Think about it -
We touch our walls everyday subconsciously, but never really sanitise it!

Here is NIPPON PAINT WELLNESS AND HYGIENE RANGE to ensure we can sanitise our walls. We can now remove germs upto 99% and harmful bacteria by using this range of paints.

Not just that, the use of the NIPPON PAINT WELLNESS AND HYGIENE RANGE also ensures that the harmful formaldehyde in our indoor air is removed and we have clean air to breathe.

What are we waiting for? Bring safety and colour into your homes by sanitising it with the NIPPON PAINT WELLNESS AND HYGIENE RANGE …

To know more, call 1800-425-3636 or visit

@Nippon Paint India


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